Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Had Sex With SuperHead

SuperHead's Six Degrees of Seperation

SuperHead had sex with Ray J, who's been dating Whitney Houston, who was married to Bobby Brown, who dated SuperHead too... so inevitably Bobby Brown screwed HIMSELF and Ray J when he banged Ms. Steffans.

Most recently Miss Info on Hot 97 dropped a dime on SuperHead for having sex with Chris Brown (who denied having sex with his manager, but did't deny Ms. Steffans)... so Chris Brown had sex with two of his predecessors- Bobby Brown and Ray J, who both had sex with the real Queen of R & B- Ms. Whitney Houston... who probably didn't realize that she too had sex with SuperHead.

Let's take it back to the early days when SuperHead was freakin Ja Rule, who has a song out with Lil Wayne called "Uh Oh". I wonder if that's what Baby said when he realized he had been tounge kissing SuperHead, Ray J, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown... not to mention Ja Rule. I don't know whats worse, the fact that Baby kisses Wayne on the mouth or the fact that he put that mouth on SuperHead.

I guess Jay Z and Dame Dash been screwing each other since the get go. Yes, both of them are in Lil Wayne's mouth so no wonder this negro call himself Young Carter, and all in love with Brooklyn... his mouth cavity and penis is covered in native NYC DNA.

Let's not forget about the fact that Ray J had sex with Kim Kardashian... I saw the sextape, and Ray J looked TOO thirsty for the camera ;) talking about "yeah, yeah"... biting his bottom lip (LMAO)... anyways, so Kim Kardashian had sex with Marques Houston who I believe was with Tila Tequila who has been on the prowl for a Shot @ Love. Incidentally Tila Tequila had sex with Ray J, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Ja Rule, Dame Dash, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, SuperHead and Kim Kardashian like an accident waiting to happen.

All I know is after the way she treated Bobby I would have to be homeless and destitute to sleep on her couch which is potentially still occupied by Darius McCrary bka: "Eddie Winslow". I aint mad at him tho. From what I hear, Ms. Steffans make some mean fried chicken. That heffer "chicken" was so good Eddie Winslow been having sex with Lil Wayne (who had sex with Trina... who used to do Trick Daddy), Ja Rule, Jay Z (who is sexing Beyonce) Dame Dash, Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Marques Houston, Tila Tequila and Chris Brown (and probably Chris Brown's manager ;)

I didn't forget about Ice T, Kool G Rap, Bill Maher or any of them, but I figured most of them probably have flaccid penises, and none of us wanna think about them having sex at all. By now you probably think I'm a hater because I haven't had the pleasure of screwing a bunch of B list celebrities. I'm not mad, in fact I love life on my new found F list, in hopes of one day catching a venerial disease from a C list celeb like SuperHead. I don't know why she never talks about me in her book because we have had sex too!....I just don't have time to break it down for you. In some sick way she's had sex with you too.

[No disrespect to SuperHead, or any of her sex partners, but it is what it is. In fact I commend her because she is making a vicarious statement. The brilliant movie producer Samuel Greenlee once said "If you wanna be a rich hoe go to Hollywood." is ironically a positive way to say that if you're gonna be a whore don't waste time screwing nobodies... and that's the moral of this story?]

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